About Me


Hi! I’m Latrice. I’m married to a handsome software developer who makes me laugh and I’m mom to 4 rambunctious, amazing kids. After teaching for several years in a Montessori classroom and in our local public schools, I embraced my calling as a stay at mom. I added homeschool teacher to my resume in 2014 when our oldest started kindergarten. I also started pursuing my passion for writing. Though I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was 11, I’ve only just begun to write publicly more consistently, so thanks for joining me today.

Above all else, it’s my desire to know God and make Him known. That gets hard in this every day American life where I can live pretty self sufficiently (however empty) without even letting God into any aspect of my daily life. My hope is that here, together, we’ll find the rhythm of desiring God while dwelling on earth. Who knows what God will do once we start living in His rhythm?

Join me weekly for posts titled “From the Memoirs” focusing on memories from my childhood and the lessons I learned, or maybe didn’t, or for posts on education, family life, marriage and scripture, all (hopefully) written through that lense of desiring God in the every day.

Have a private question or a comment for me? Email me at latriceningram@gmail.com

xoxo Latrice