It’s Friday Morning

It’s Friday morning.

I’m usually in a rush this morning. We usually have places to be on Friday so I rush around and get clothes ready for the younger children and breakfast for everyone and pack snacks and pack pacifiers and usually I forget to eat in the rush of it all because we have to be on time and present and ready and available. We have to drop Daddy off at work because the transmission on his truck went out and then get to our classes that we love, we really do. But there’s not much time for sitting or thinking or looking at that interesting leaf because we!

It’s Friday morning. The toddler, snoring, snuggles up to my husband in one of the queen sized beds in our hotel room. I’m squeezed in on the opposite side. The other three kids-in the other bed- are packed in like those cute little monkeys in the jumping on the bed book. The smallest (most sassy) one is sandwiched in between her two older siblings. I’m surrounded by the wiggling and breathing and tossing of all my favorite people and I just love this Friday morning.

Our first born, gentle spirited but still a little bit wild, turned 8 yesterday. Eight. And I can’t believe I’m watching her grow up so quickly. It really does sometimes feel like just a blink since we brought that little 5 pound 2 ounce girl home. She came into the world with a frown on her face. It’s her favorite detail about her birth story. And now she is mostly just smiles and optimism and flowers and unicorns. No really- she wanted a unicorn stuffed animal for her birthday, which we were happy to provide. She also wanted to swim because she is part fish and so we packed up the family on her special day and went to Omaha for an overnight trip to a small indoor water park and hotel. I watched, with my heart in my throat (we can talk some other time about this anxious Momma’s heart and how Jesus is healing it) as she went down the biggest, tallest, fastest water slide. How she squealed with delight while I prayed like someone who is always a little bit scared that she would be safe.

She was safe.

And happy.

And brave.

It’s Friday morning and it’s the day after one of the most fun days we’ve all had together and I can’t help but be tearful thankful for this day. This day unlike most of our Fridays. We are lingering in our pjs in the same space together. We are squished up tight and giggling and eating together. There is a pizza box in the corner of our room and leftover birthday cake. There are smiles on my kids faces. There is beauty in this morning.

It’s Friday morning. We are lingering this morning. Taking our time to get dressed and go to breakfast. We are looking at descriptions of the museums we want to to visit today. Taking much time to decide if the train museum or the art museum will be best today. There are many factors to consider and we have time to consider them all.

There are days we move too quickly but that’s just what needs to be done. And then there are days where everything can move quickly all around us and we can stay still. We can breathe deep. We can slow down. It’s Friday morning and we are slowing down today. We are grateful.

xoxo Latrice

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